Excellence Award 2011

Camfil Farr Malaysia won the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers(FMM) 2011 Excellence Award - rising star of the year.

The competition was open to all +2300 member companies of FMM and we are proud that industry colleagues chose Camfil Farr to win the award this year.

Getting to the winning position is a lengthy process that includes submission of detailed information about the company, presentation to FMM's award committee at their HQ in Kuala Lumpur, a company audit as well as final round of presentations during a company visit.

The audit is an important step as it allows the auditors to verify what was said during the presentations and to ask additional questions. Vivien Saw, Karunagaran Krishnan and Teng Kim Ming made sure they were in good hands.

Karunagaran Krishnan presented Lean Manufacturing methods used by Camfil Farr Malaysia, Kyle Morgan covered internet marketing activities, Guillaume Gallet gave an overview of the environmentally friendly regeneration line of AMC filters we offer. Jorn Poulsen presented the outstanding growth of the AMC business unit as well as corporate functions such as purchasing back office, IT support and marketing that is operated from the Malaysian factory.

It is great to see how a combination of local efforts and being a member of the Camfil Farr Group can rank us among the top companies in Malaysia.

The award was presented on December 7, 2011, by the Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamad.

/Jorn Poulsen


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